Non Commercial audio project

Ombilikal is a non profit audio project. We promote Bass Music since 2001, with many vectors. The streaming technology is one of the most important way to promote music. That's why we give many solutions to help Dj et producers to diffuse there creations for the largest public.

Awesome Features

Here you can find the different features you can use
to promote your creations via our solutions

Traktor Live Streaming ( New )

You can easily live stream your dj mix, via traktor.
Join us, get a code, put in in your Traktor settings, and play.

Live Streaming ( New )

You can easily diffuse you mix in real time over internet
Our Streaming solution is FREE to use.
Just contact us to get your private access.

Radio Show

As Ombilikal is a internantional radio, you can contact us, and propose an original show to be schedule on our weekly programs.

Video Live Streaming

For those who have camera, home studio, etc... you can stream live, both audio and video. You just have to manage the capture, and we give you all the streaming technology.

About Us

Ombilikal is a collaborativ project since 2001.
We work with many audio projects, labels, artists, and we always searching new collaborations.
All our members works for free, by pation. Like every internet project, our members live all over the world. If this project talks to you, and if you want to be a part of it, so contact us.

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Get in Touch

For any questions, propositions, contact us by mail.

Contact Info

Ombilikal Fm Group
Please take a minute to write a few sentence to explain you questions
We will answer as soon as we can.
You can contact us by Skype : ombilikal